Unquestionably the most important fasteners in any engine are the connecting rod bolts, as they hold the key to the entire rotating assembly. A broken bolt will lead to catastrophic engine failure. As you can imagine, the most critical joint is where the connecting rod halves mate. The rod bolts must support the primary tension loads caused by each rotation (or cycle) of the crankshaft. When the crank rotates, the big end of the connecting rod essentially becomes oval-shaped and the rod bolts bend. As the crankshaft continues to rotate, the rod becomes round again. With alternating tension loads and cyclic bending of the bolts, it is very important to install fasteners that are able to exert a clamping force greater than the load imposed upon the joint (tension).
  • This rod bolts are for the genuine parts. Please refer here for the repair part of JUN I-beam connecting rod.

JUN Reinforced Connecting Rod Bolt
Engine Size Part # MSRP(yen) Remarks
L4 8mm1012M-N006JPY22,000 #102-6001
9mm1012M-N007JPY22,000 #202-6001
L6 8mm1012M-N008JPY26,400 #202-6002
9mm1012M-N009JPY26,400 #202-6003
CA18DE(T) Stock1012M-N001discontinued
SR20DE(T) Stock1012M-N002discontinued 
SR20DE(T) Stock1012M-N010JPY26,400 #202-6005
RB20DE(T) Stock1012M-N003JPY39,600 
RB26DETT Stock1012M-N004discontinued
VG30(DOHC) Stock1012M-N011JPY26,400 #202-6004
VQ35DE Stock1012M-N012JPY46,200 #202-6006
4AG/4AL Stock1012M-T001JPY24,200 #203-6001
2TG/2TC Stock1012M-T002JPY22,000 #203-6003
3S-G(T)E Stock1012M-T003JPY22,000 #203-6002
7M-GTE Stock1012M-T004JPY24,200 #203-6004 / 1986-92
2JZ-G(T)E Stock1012M-T005JPY33,000 #203-6005 / 1993-98
F20C/F22C Stock1012M-H003JPY30,800 #208-6002
K20A Stock1012M-H004JPY30,800 #208-6003
C30A Stock1012M-H005JPY46,200 #208-6004
C32B Stock1012M-H006JPY46,200 #208-6005
4G63 Stock/9mm1012M-M001JPY22,000 #107-6001 / -'93
4G63 Stock/8mm1012M-M002JPY22,000 #107-6002 / '94-
6G72/6G74 Stock1012M-M003JPY26,400 #107-6004
EJ20K Stock1012M-F001JPY33,000 #260-6301 / Bolt length:57mm
EJ207 Stock1012M-F002JPY30,800 #203-6302 / Bolt length:52mm
B6/BP Stock1012M-Z001JPY28,600 #118-6401
  • ‡1 Manufactured by ARP Inc.
Fastener Assembly Lubricant
Name Capacity Part # MSRP(yen) Remarks
ARP Ultra-Torque 15ml (0.5oz.) 9502M-101JPY660 #100-9908 Same lubricant as contained a bolt set
50ml (1.69oz.) 9502M-102JPY1,980 #100-9909 Tube type (with cap)
  • ‡2 This lubricant is for ARP bolts.