JUN High quality machining


JUN Machine Shop, is a professional engine processor and manufacturer of precision high performance auto parts. Our top priority is to deliver high quality performance parts for our customers both in Japan and overseas. We believe quality engine processing and parts can only be delivered through in-depth understanding of the original engine's performance and accumulation of data based on constant experiment and practice. Our experience and knowledge, nurtured by 60 years of high-output engine building experience, are directly reflected on our quality performance products. Every JUN products that we manufacture and deliver are strictly tested for durability and high performance.

JUN products are precisely manufactured for various types of engines; likewise our engine processing skills are also tailored to enhance performance of engine heads and blocks to the maximum extent possible. Our performance products are available for individual orders, but we also have available a set menu which combines our performance products together with precision engine processing and balancing services.

We can provide the 'JUN POWER'

The processing menu which we recommend is prepared for each engine. We are preparing two menus, menu1 and menu2. Highly precise engine processing is possible.