JUN has researched air-fuel delivery ratios, ignition timings, as well as, special individualities, and specific characteristics for each vehicle and find out the best timing to pull maximum potential that each vehicle has. JUN Computer has developed comprehending all accumulated data and information through many tests, even on the streets, and has improved to be the best product in the world. It is taken a wider margin for each of different setting, and so no need for the trouble.


Vehicle MSRP(yen) Remarks
TURBO NA Setting on your car
FJ20: S12 DR30 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
VG20: Y31 F31 Z31 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
VG30: Y31 Z31 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
VG30: Y32 Z32 JPY105,840JPY105,840JPY64,800  
VG30: Z32 LATE JPY135,000JPY135,000JPY64,800  
RB20: R31 R32 C31 A31 etc. JPY105,840JPY105,840JPY64,800  
RB25: R32 etc. JPY105,840JPY105,840JPY64,800  
RB25: R33 C33 etc. discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
RB25: ECR33 ER34 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
RB26: R32 JPY105,840---JPY64,800  
RB26: R33 WGNC34 discontinued---discontinued
RB26: BNR34 discontinued---discontinued  
E15: N13 etc. JPY105,840JPY105,840JPY64,800  
CA16: N12 etc. JPY105,840JPY105,840JPY64,800  
CA18: S13 etc. JPY105,840JPY105,840JPY64,800  
SR18: N14 P10 etc. JPY135,000JPY135,000JPY64,800  
SR20: S13 S14 S15 HP10 RNN14 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
VH41 TYPE: Y32 G51 JPY105,840JPY105,840JPY64,800  
VH45 TYPE: G50 etc. JPY105,840JPY105,840JPY64,800  
VQ35: Z33 ---JPY138,240JPY64,800  
VQ37: Z34 ---JPY138,240JPY64,800  
R35 early model JPY192,240------
R35 latest model JPY257,040------
1JZ: JZZ30 JZA70 JZX80 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued
2JZ: JZA80 JZS147 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
3SG: SW20 ST205 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
4AG: AE92 AE101 discontinueddiscontinueddiscontinued  
4G63: CD9A CE9A E39 JPY105,840---JPY64,800  
4G63: CP9A CT9A(Evo.7) JPY105,840---JPY64,800  
4B11: CZ4A(Evo.10) JPY159,840---JPY64,800  
6G72: Z16A JPY159,840JPY159,840JPY64,800  
13BT: FC3S LATE discontinued---discontinued  
13BT: FD3S EARLY discontinued---discontinued  
B6: NA6CE ---discontinueddiscontinued  
BP: NA8C ---discontinueddiscontinued  
C30A: NA1 ---JPY105,840JPY64,800  
B16A: EG6 ---JPY105,840JPY64,800  
B16B: EK4 EK9 (Only early model) ---JPY105,840JPY64,800  
B18C: Type-R DC2 (Only early model) ---JPY105,840JPY64,800  
H22A: BB1 BB4 ---JPY105,840JPY64,800  
F6A: EA11R JPY159,840---JPY64,800  
EJ20G: GC8 Ver.2, BG5 discontinued---discontinued  
EJ20K: GC8 Ver.3 discontinued---discontinued  
EJ20: (Can not use EJ207, GDB) discontinued---discontinued  
EJ207/GRB: (Can not use GDB) JPY105,840---JPY64,800
  • ‡ We need your computer unit. The MSPRs are not including the computer unit.
  • ‡ Ask us about the other vehicle.
  • ‡1 The car which was reprogramed to transmission control logic for 2009 model is same as latest model.
  • ‡2 The latest model and the equivalent need to rewrite the transmission ECU. The above MSRP is including the rewrite cost.
  • ‡3 It cannot buy by mail order because your vehicle is necessary to change data.