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With today's rapid pace of technological development, the potential inherent in applied technology has expanded exponentially. However, engineers and end-users continue to demand further advances and want the perfect product. That is where JUN comes in.
An improved internal combustion engine reflects the improvements a designer makes to each engine part. This means each part adds to the total balance, leading to ultimate performance, a result we are dedicated to achieving. By bringing together technical elements with cutting-edge improvements, we respond to people's needs while recognizing the importance of an enjoyable driving experience.
The mandate of JUN MACHINE SHOP is to take the potential inherent in internal combustion engines to the highest limit. We achieve this through research and development on high-quality products, and expanding the scale of manufacturing, processing, and sales. Together, these require the active adoption of high-precision machinery and cutting-edge technology and expertise.
The technical prowess and the originality of JUN MACHINE SHOP make us an outstanding partner for manufacturers and a reliable adviser to customers, as we continue to face the demands required for further growth in the internal combustion field.

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