This turbine kit will big upgrade Nissan GT-R (R35). Your R35 will get power extremely beyond the stock turbine by using Garrett.

Using GT3076R on the competition spec which does not use catalyst, it showed really 900ps(662kW)*1 performance. And, on the street spec which use catalyst, it will be able to show nearly 800ps(588kW)*2 of power.

The Setup Kit is including exhaust manifolds, wastegates, exhaust pipes, intake pipes, air cleaners, oil lines, water lines, and short parts. And, choose turbochargers separately.

COMPONENTS of Turbo Setup Kit:

Trust Wastegate (TYPE-R), Exhaust manifold, Down pipe, Air cleaner, Intake pipe, Oil line, Water line, Short parts

  • *1 The measurement value is result of our test vehicle with the Custom Kit 4.0L.
  • *2 The measurement value is result of our test vehicle with the Custom Kit 4.0L. It cannot install the primary catalyst.

Vehicle Product Part # MSRP(yen) Remarks
GT-R (R35) Turbo Setup Kit 2011A-N002JPY1,080,000 The price is not including turbochargers
Turbochargers Garrett GT3076R 2011A-N011ASK A set of turbine and housing
Turbochargers Garrett GTX3582R 2011A-N012ASK A set of turbine and housing
  • * The price of setup kit is not including turbochargers. Choose turbochargers when you purchase. We estimate the cost of turbochargers when you ask.
  • * Need resetting an engine ECU.
  • * This product can install a R35 which was installed the Trust (GReddy) intercooler piping kit. We are not checking stock piping and the other makers.
  • * This kit will need to upgrade fuel line, drive trains, and engine. This kit does not contain them.